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The first Kidzone indoor play park was built in 1994 and since then we have built up tons of experience that allows us to build the exciting stuctures and games that we do today. We provide a complete inhouse production system from planning to installation. Indoor and outdoor. Large projects and small ones. From toddlers to grown ups. We value the trust that our clients put in us and we repay by providing them with quality installations. We are constantly looking to push boundaries of fun yet maintaining our high standard of safety. All our designs are built to meet strict European safety standards EN1179 and EN1177. The materials that we use, where applicable, are M1 and M2 fire certificated, non toxic, non abrasive and most of all, safe. Our flagship design is our unique modular panel system for play structures. This innovative design has been developed over many years which provides our clients with many benefits over the traditional tubeclamp system.

Very quick to install Easy to reconfigure, extend, dismantle and reassemble Very durable pvc covered panels We have built quality play structures for hundreds of different clients, FECs, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools,hotels, shops and many other establishments all around the world. The trends in play areas are constantly changing and Kidzone are right at the front. We have coined the phrase ‘Play with Purpose’. Our goal is to not only to provide a safe environment for them to have fun, we are seeking to improve a child’s fitness through play. No longer do we rely on asking a child how much ‘fun’ did they have as a barometer of their visit. We need to be able to quantify it. That is why we are developing our exciting RFID wristband technology. Many of our activities that we build can be fitted with sensors that measure how fast a section is completed, or how many reps within a specified time. This provides a metric which the child can then look to improve on in future visits. They get fitter, therefore healthier, which helps you keep your centre operating. And for you, the operator, it gives you analytics of which areas of your venue are the most popular so that you can continuously stay on top.


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